Automatic Pill Dispenser open showing an alarm, multiple compartments and various coloured pills inside
Automatic Pill Dispenser with Solid or Clear Lid (VAT Free) - Tabtime Limited
Automatic Pill Dispenser with Solid or Clear Lid (VAT Free) - Tabtime Limited
Automatic Pill Dispenser with Solid or Clear Lid (VAT Free) - Tabtime Limited
Automatic Pill Dispenser with Solid or Clear Lid (VAT Free) - Tabtime Limited
Automatic Pill Dispenser with Solid or Clear Lid (VAT Free) - Tabtime Limited
Automatic Pill Dispenser with Solid or Clear Lid (VAT Free) - Tabtime Limited

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Dispenser automatico di pillole con coperchio solido o trasparente (senza IVA)

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Il distributore di pillole automatico TabTime Medelert offre serenità e sicurezza a chi cerca una soluzione completa per gestire i medicinali. Se si acquista il dispositivo per una persona affetta da una disabilità cronica, come ad esempio il morbo di Alzheimer o la demenza senile, è ora possibile risparmiare sull’IVA e ottenere una riduzione del 20% sul prezzo del prodotto. Per ottenere tale sconto, si prega di compilare il modulo sotto.

Appositamente progettato per migliorare le cure offerte a pazienti anziani o affetti da demenza senile, morbo di Alzheimer o handicap visivi/mentali. Per maggiori informazioni su come un distributore di pillole può essere di aiuto ai vostri cari, leggere i nostri casi studio.

  • Le pastiglie vengono rilasciate automaticamente negli orari e nelle dosi richieste
  • Il dispositivo è bloccabile per maggiore sicurezza
  • Fino a 6 allarmi visivi e uditivi al giorno (durata di 30 minuti, allarme a cicalino e LED lampeggiante)
  • 28 scomparti per pillole altamente capienti, progettati per contenere fino a 18 pastiglie tipo aspirina o 5 compresse masticabili grandi; Medelert offre una capienza del 20% in più rispetto alla maggior parte dei distributori sul mercato
  • Semplice da utilizzare: gli allarmi si spengono quando il dispositivo viene inclinato per far fuoriuscire i medicinali
  • Allarmi pre-impostabili: gli allarmi vanno impostati una sola volta e continueranno a suonare ogni giorno alla stessa ora fino a quando non verranno disattivati
  • Coperchio colorato o trasparente con meccanismo di bloccaggio di sicurezza in metallo
  • Suono dell’allarme regolabile
  • Anelli di dosaggio in diverse lingue inclusi con ogni dispositivo
  • Mli>Funzionamento a batteria per facilità di trasporto. Il dispositivo allerta quando le batterie stanno per scaricarsi. Batterie incluse
  • 12 mesi di garanzia su tutti i dispositivi
  • Dimensioni: 190 mm (diametro)

Per informazioni su come impostare il distributore di pillole automatico TabTime, vedere il video di istruzioni:

Customer Reviews

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David C.
Great Replacement Box

It was like Woolworth’s Pick and Mix with my in-laws taking one another’s medication, often double-dosing!
One box was provided by the local social services so I bought this as well so they both had one!
Happy days now as they can only get one wrong at a time at worst.
These boxes do give peace of mind. Excellent product!

Highly recommended

It just ticks all of the boxes for us. Easy to load, use and dispense. We thought we might have problems getting dad to understand how to use it but he took to it straight away and it has taken away all of the stress of medication time. We thought it was a bit expensive but it's been great and we're very grateful to our friend for the recommendation.

No more confusion! Automatic Pill Dispenser with Solid Lid

Great product. My mum has recently been diagnosed with dementia and was starting to get confused with her medication. We did try the little plastic container where you open up a lid for each day's pills, but that was not successful at all and quite alarming to see the muddle that resulted.

But this automatic pill dispenser enables her to have some independence taking her pills safely. I fill it each week with pills to be taken twice a day (I keep the key which locks the pills in securely). I have programmed 4 slot turns, 2 with pills and 2 with empty slots. This means that should mum not take, for example, the morning pill, the machine is set to turn to an empty slot after a few hours meaning the pill is no longer available. This ensures there is no danger of taking the two doses of pills too close together, but still gives ample time to take them. The alarm light is good, I have turned off the alarm sound as we didn't want it going off on the empty turns, as although it's not very loud (wouldn't be heard unless sitting in the same room with TV off) it does drain the batteries quicker.

One aspect that could be improved is the battery compartment which is not secure and mum has already found and removed the batteries as she decided they needed replacing. A screw fixing would be better, although in our case that probably wouldn't solve the problem as mum is also good with a screw driver! I have for now put a sticky label over the compartment and written on it that it's not to be opened, ask me first, and that has worked so far.

But, that said, it's a great product that we couldn't be without. There is no longer the risk of over dosing medication. Pills are locked in securely. I can see if any pills have been missed. Presently this system is working well for mum. Mum feels more in charge and confident that she is taking her pills at the correct time. She knows that if the pill compartment is empty, then all is good. Mum used to express how 'muddled' she felt with her pills. She is more reassured now and has one less thing to worry and stress over quite as much as she used to.

Joanne N.
Time tab

I purchased this product as my mum needed something secure that helped her remember to take her medication safely.
It's really easy to set up and use.

I'm so glad I bought it.


I bought another TABTIME for my mother to place next to her bed so she can take tablets before she gets up.

Customer service for the first TABTIME that I bought was excellent so was in no doubt about buying a second one.

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